“The Dragon Empire of the 13th Age was a time of change, of danger, and of chaos. It was not a place and an era without peace and prosperity, but there were many forces working against the Empire. The first Orc Lord in many Ages was prowling the edges of civilization looking for a way in, with unusual new allies and magics at his disposal. The Diabolist was bringing the Blood War to the world, despite the work of the Great Gold Wyrm and even the tainted efforts of the Crusader. Even defenders of the Empire such as the Archmage or the Priestess found a growing corruption within their domains that they, at times, struggled to rid themselves of. There were many dangers, both mundane and magical, faced by the people of the world. Not just the Empire, but all peoples near and far.

What records we have of this era are… patchwork at best. We have enough to guess at the broader history, but little enough about the details. We can often piece together the what, but rarely have insight as to who or why. What I present to you here now might change that, at least to some degree. With years painstaking research, and not a little bit of luck in finding old texts and oral histories, we have managed to compile the legends and histories of a small group of adventurers who seemed to have a small, but important, impact on the way the world as we know it has come to be.

We can’t be sure how much of what we have managed to put together is truth, how much is legend, and how much lies in between. However, these forgotten sagas of the 13th Age might be the best look we have so far at that time and place and to expand our understanding. And, if I may say so, it’s a rather entertaining yarn to hear regardless of the historical relevance. Today I will read excerpts from the manuscript that we have compiled. Fear not, I will take frequent breaks for tea and other refreshments.

There are several fragments of tales of these people before they met and began to travel with one another, but for our purposes today we will begin with the first known time that they were all working together. It begins in the city of Osis…"

Professor Gianam, Head of Historical Research
University of Sayal

Forgotten Sagas of the 13th Age

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