Some groups of people are good. Some groups of people are bad. Some groups of people like to dress up in black and pretend that they’re vampires. Here are all the organizations that you want to help, hinder, and/or burn to the ground (respectively). This page is for the organizations that you’re directly involved with or have been in contact with. If an organization is important to a location like the City of Osis but hasn’t yet impacted the game, they can stay on that other page. When they become important to you, a link will be made here.

Fire Wasps

Golden Hunters – A mercenary unit about 20-25 members strong. Licensed through the Mercenaries Guild and known for their exceptional loyalty to their employer. The only known instance of the Golden Hunters breaking contract was when they were themselves betrayed, having been set up to be killed in a complex political scheme. They are otherwise not considered either a white knight or blackguard unit. Their banner is a golden sword through a white wing on a field of blue. Encountered by the party under the employ of Dunlar Kaldrum, attempting to kidnap Tormach by force.

Acquisitions Incorporated

Raven’s Blood Duergar

Ambershard Clan


Forgotten Sagas of the 13th Age Phelanar