Time to go out there and meet new people in the world. Try not to stab (Or burn. Or drop off cliffs.) all of them, if you don’t mind. Here is your master list of NPCs which are relevant to the campaign. This page is only for the people that you’re directly involved with or have been in contact with. If an NPC is important to a location like the City of Osis but hasn’t yet impacted the game, they can stay on that other page. When they become important to you, a link will be made here.

All NPCs from your Hero Stories as well as those from your character histories will be listed here as well, even if they might not be immediately relevant. They don’t necessarily need a page to themselves (yet), just a short description.

Important Character NPCs

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Osis NPCs

Katerina Treharne – Tormach’s grandmother and successful Osis merchant
Isabelle Bardet – Pretty brunette half-elf woman about 25 years of age. Katerina’s maid. Wears simple, well-made clothing suitable for cleaning, cooking, and other chores.
Merijin van Calcar (Deceased) – Balding, but otherwise attractive, human male of about 50 years. Katerina’s business partner. Wears fashionable and expensive clothing and carries a cane with him.
Gellis van Calcar (Deceased) – Unattractive and timid, but friendly, human male about 30 years old. Merijin’s nephew, who Merijin sometimes hires for jobs. Wears rather gaudy clothing to distract from his homely face and wears a rapier.
Thrane Bitteroot – Elderly halfling male working for Katerina Treharne as the overnight office manager
Reginald Sabel – Human male in his early twenties, rather nervous and awkward in appearance and personality. Known as a hard and loyal worker at the Treharne offices.
Borane Usach – Former member of the Fire Wasps, working to help the party (albeit reluctantly and only with promise of reward). Rough looking human male in his early 30’s with dark skin and several scars on his face and neck. Fled the Rat’s Nest when the party demanded he accompany them further in on their quest to find the Fire Wasps.
Akos (Deceased) – Former leader of the Fire Wasps. Slain by the party in their hideout in the Rat’s Nest. His body mysteriously disappeared, however.
Dunlar Kaldrum – Also known as Dunlar of the Clan Kaldrum. Paragon of neat and orderly dwarfness in appearance and speech. Well trimmed brown beard and hair, tied into a complex arrangement of ties and braids. Wears well crafted armor and high quality clothes. Encountered by the party when he demanded the “return” of Tormach.
Oswyn Richards – Half-Elf professor at the Silver Strand Academy. Teaches the basic arcanist and history courses. Wears well cared for grey robes like the other faculty members as well as glasses. Has a beard and close cropped brown hair streaked with grey that makes him appear older than he actually is. Very polite and well spoken. Hired the party to discover the fate of his missing students.
Kenneth Ravenwood – Formerly a student at the Silver Strand Academy, turned necromancer, dark wizard, and serial killer. Known as The Blackstaff. The party has been hunting him at the behest of Professor Oswyn.
Rika Walker – Another professor at the Silver Strand Academy. Along with Professor Oswyn, invited a number of promising or top tier students to a dinner party to celebrate the end of the school year.
Jaina Tully (Deceased) – One of the promising students of both Oswyn and Rika. Was present at the first meeting between Oswyn and the party and was killed by Ravenwood as she went to retrieve refreshments for the meeting.
Denis Berzin (Deceased) – One of the promising students. His hand was found nailed to the wall of Oswyn’s office with a dagger and a threatening note. The rest of Denis was discovered at the Norbury estate as an undead creature.
Victoria Norbury (Deceased) – One of the promising students. She was attacked by Ravenwood and a host of undead at her parents home in the Rose District. She was killed moments before the players arrived.
Lady Junes Winterhame – Dwarven runeblade, Agent of the Archmage, and member of the Order of the Unblinking Eye. She was dispatched on a matter near Osis when the planar detonation of the pocket dimension created by Kenneth Ravenwood took higher priority. She is a middle aged dwarf woman with silver-blonde hair, blue eyes, and powerful physique. She wears heavy armor underneath the grey and red robes of the Order and carries an ornate rod as well as a wide bladed short sword.
Khuzid of the Argent Hammer, Garnir Silverheart – Dwarven runeblade sent to scout near the Osis region and communicate with the Imperial Legion regarding increasing incursions from the Orc Lord. He is a fairly young dwarf, especially for his rank, and is much more reckless than the typical Khuzid found in the Empire. Garnir is tall for a dwarf, with rather wild blond hair and beard. His equipment (scale mail, long-hafted warhammer, round shield) are exceptionally well cared for, which he says explains his lack of exceptional hygiene and decorum.

Seaster Goldweaver – This scruffy looking and elderly gnome male is a prospector and hermit who lives up in the hills searching for not only mineral wealth, but botanical or biological wealth as well. He is an alchemist, miner, smith, and general tinker and is looking for the alchemical find that will let him live in decadent luxury for the rest of his life. He is, frankly, an ungrateful jerk. He is dirty, smelly, and something of a coward.

James Saraman – A tall and broad-shouldered human male of middle age. A farmer and rancher in an isolated vale in the hills. He is a gruff and tough looking sort, with a full brown beard and hair, all well trimmed. He’s a taciturn sort and rarely speaks at length except when he gets angry. Unfortunately, with the death of his elder son Adam, he’s angry a lot more. He is wearing hard worn work clothes that have clearly been repaired many times.

Kari Saraman – A petitle half-elf woman of indeterminate age and wife of James Saraman. She is a fairly attractive woman with short-cropped strawberry blonde hair and pale skin. She shows signs of crying and anxiousness and is clearly exhausted. Her clothing is in somewhat better shape than her husbands, but still shows signs of wear and tear and repeated mending.

Victoria Saraman – The Saraman’s young daughter, less than 2 years old. She is much like any other child of that age, but is starting to become cranky as the family has been away from home for longer and longer. She doesn’t understand where Adam is and spends most of her days in her mother Kari’s arms.

Therial Starbreeze – A slim High Elf woman with long black hair, dressed in arcanist robes designed for traveling. She is somewhat haughty and pretentious, but is rapidly losing that attitude in the face of the current situation. She is constantly talking, analyzing, and examining things. She is in the hills looking for a lost stellar observatory to witness an upcoming event in the night sky with a double comet. She only narrowly avoided capture through extensive use of her illusion magics.

Hero Story NPCs


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