This page is for campaign important or relevant locations. Places that the players have visited, might visit again, or the places where NPCs and organizations the players are interested in are found.

The Gallant Wizard Inn: Located in the Gold District of Osis. The inn that the party stayed at after receiving a discount from Katerina Treharne. Run by a middle aged human named Simon.

The Blue Barrel: A tavern located in the Gold District of Osis. Where the party spoke with Gellis and introduced pink beer.

Treharne Goods & Services: A two story building located in the Gold District of Osis. One of the management offices used by Katerina Treharne. Open day and night. No buying or selling goes on here, only management and archival. Bryn went here during the Fire Wasp situation to gather guards for Katerina.

Round Duchess Tavern: A rank and disgusting dive bar in the Dead District of Osis. This is where the lower ranked members of the Fire Wasps get their orders or meet higher ups. The party went here in search of the Fire Wasp hideout and caused what would be a riot in any other bar, but was mostly just a regular night (with a slightly higher body count) for the Round Duchess.

The Leathern Bottle: A tavern located in the Trade Quarter of Osis. After fighting the Fire Wasps, Anna Lynn spent 4 days performing here. The rest of the party was attacked by Dunlar Kaldrum and his hired Golden Hunter mercenaries on the way to one of these performances.


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