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A place for Kato to digitally keep his session notes (most recent first).

  • Valdag, Bryn’s cousin.
  • The plan is to try to infiltrate the Palace. We would make our way past the first wall guarding the fortress and magically teleport past the defenses.
  • Bryn got 2 vials of lockburst powder, 2 scrolls of prestidigitation, 2 adventurer tier healing potions.
  • Manasael, Tormach, Delaana, and Cinder should all get 1 adventurer healing potion in their pack.
  • Tormach and Delaana took some of the 4 champion adventurer healing potions.
  • Cinder took some runes or potions or something.
  • We were teleported into the palace. We took out a guard, got barked at by a dog, got a little lost, had to get past a barred door, discovered we were leaving bloody prints, and made it to the receiving room.


  • The group came up with a plan to open the gate: Manasael would sneak through the portcullis of the sally port and get to friendlies on the other side. He’d tell them to launch an attack, and when the defenders reacted we would set fire to a batch of barrels of blasting powder in the courtyard. In the confusion, we’d rush forward and try to take the gate.
  • Manasael shifted into a rat and made his way to the Mawr camp.
  • The Mawr-allied forces attacked and took the sally port, the adventurers fired an arrow into the barrels and the explosion rocked the barracks.
  • They charged the gate-house and engaged the soldiers there. The fighting was fierce and Tormach took all the poison, but eventually the day was won. They returned to the camp to recoup.
  • Incremental advance and a heal up.


  • The group continued on, attempting to avoid patrols (we didn’t), Bryn stepped on a trap, Bryn tied to use fire to scare away rats (it didn’t), Delanna helped us across a fissure, and Manasael drug us through a cess pit.
  • We emerged in Gold Peak. The plan: approach the gates from the inside, posing as part of a mercenary company that Cinder worked for.
  • A patrol challenged us, Cinder and Delaana tried to talk our way past it. It was dicey, but they let us go.
  • We were fired upon by some freedom fighters in Gold Peak. Cinder was able to convince them we are on their side.
  • Finally, we reach a side street facing the gate.


  • Come across a wooden bridge across an underground stream…
  • The group finds Yenian. He’s working with the Diabolist.
  • Oh snap! A twin of Tormach!
  • In the end, Yenian and Tormach’s twin were killed, the latter by Tormach’s own hand (crit).


  • The group headed to the Lorekeeper’s to see how they could help with the Halls. But no one was there.
  • The Lorekeeper’s have left via a rarely used secret exit. We travel down into the tunnels to see where they have gone.
  • We finally found them, they’d set up a camp.
  • The Dead Gods control the zombified plague victims we’ve encountered.
  • The Ambershards plan to sacrifice the Dwarf King, whose connection to the world would help them unlock the power of the Halls.
  • The group returns to the Lorekeeper’s keep and heads to the restricted archives to find maps of Old Forge. They quickly find maps that will hopefully lead them into Gold Peak.
  • They escape from the Lorekeeper’s keep out a side door and head into the sewers running through Old Forge. Tormach helped them find their way through.


  • C, M, T: Escaped through hidden tunnels.
  • D, B: Rumble with some theater performers.
  • C, M, T: Look for someone to bring news to about the sanitarium.
  • We get the band back together (C,M,T, make their way to D,B). The Ambershards have been busy, we make our way to the Bryn homestead to plan how to respond.
  • At the Bryn holding, we meet Revdur Fairflame, representative of the Archmage, and Donaed Ironender a fellow Lorekeeper.
  • “The Halls are all open…”


  • C, M, and T: In a tight spot, had to decide how to deal with the mass of enemies around them.
  • “Your deaths will ensure our resurrection.”
  • D, B: Continue on. They reached the performance hall where they might find information and found an unhelpful gnome.
  • C, M, and T turned the Sanitarium into an Abattoir.
  • D, B: Look for a side door and find one. There’s a little get-together. They try to blend it but it’s soon obvious they don’t belong. The gnome refers to Brynn as a “clan Mawr lunkhead” and declares that D and B are not to leave.
  • Also Bryn got kicked in the shins.


  • C, M, and T: Talked to a doctor, Lambert Ehle. Got their weapons back from the guards. Were lead in to see some of the patients.
  • They investigated the brands on the patients—seemed very “organic”, not necessarily magic (looks like an allergic reaction or something like that, but too structured).
  • During the discussion, after asking a few questions, all of the patients around speak at once: “You have been permitted to interfere too many times. It stops now.”
  • D, B: Go to talk to the performers, and something isn’t right—too few people out. Turns out the Ambershards aren’t happy with us poking around. A few corrupt guards attempt to ambush us.
  • C, M, and T: Attempted to escape from the patients, and succeeded. Nearby, patients in the other cells pound and a chorus of whispers. But on the next floor, patients have escaped, and are blocking their way out.


  • Cinder, Manasael, and Tormach went to investigate the sick people. Cinder got in trouble with the guards but eventually convinced them they were here on behalf of clan Mawr.
  • Bryn and Delaana talked to some folks to ask about the troubadours and their performance. Talked to a dwarf (Helg) who had seen the show and wasn’t feeling well afterward. Seemed like he was affected by some sort of magic, something that was at least slightly familiar to Bryn.
  • They went to Helg’s buddy, Calim, who also went to the performance and found him dead. He choked on his own vomit, but evidence suggested he was held down. Also seemed to have been exposed to some kind of magic.
  • C, M, T, were shown around by the guards. People are in various stages of the sickness. As they progress, they become violent. At least some 300 people. Probably many more in Forge hiding it. People are scared. And the Stone Council has been reluctant to announce a plan of action.
  • B, D went to see Theobold, Helg’s other friend. Helene answered the door and tried to get us to leave. She was scared. Theobold came home angry/upset. Theobold probably killed his human friend, Calim. Then he hung himself, and ended up in a coma
  • I brought him out using healing magic, and he admitted to killing his friend. Convinced him he may not be at fault, and he told us a little about that night. Like the rest, he doesn’t remember most of it, other than feeling angry.
  • Incremental Advance.


  • Headed to Gold Peak, had to explain ourself at checkpoint. There is a magic field looking for something at the point.
  • Bryn’s mother had to perform a ritual to determine if we are who we say we are.
  • My sister appeared here two days ago—she was an imposter.
  • The Ambershards have done something to the King.
  • They attacked my father outside of forge. He’s gravely wounded, but will survive.
  • Problems in Bronze and Silver Peak. People wake with a black sigil on their neck or chest.
  • Silver Peak now has an asylum for these cursed/diseased people.
  • A troupe of bards/playwrights that are sparking riots.
  • Yenian, the tiefling we learned about in relations to the things we saw in Siddig Gedat, was hired as a scout that led my father’s expedition north. He was presumed dead—did not return.
  • Bryn’s mother indicated that we need some proof of the Ambershard’s dealings. A few options were discussed (including returning to the location of the Soul Forge to gather more evidence). She indicated she would see if we could interview the individuals in Forge infected by the strange plague/curse.
  • The group that ambushed Bryn’s father carried weapons identical to those we found from the Soul Forge.
  • Bryn told his mother about his sister. They agreed to keep the news from anyone else.
  • Bryn and Delaana are going to interview people who have seen the troubadours, Cinder, Manasael, and Tormach are going to the under city to gather information.
  • We may try to catch a performance (but it wouldn’t be until at least the next day).
  • Cinder traded his duergar axe with the Bryn family armorer.


  • Bryn made sure Veylla (blacksmith of Greenvale’s daughter) returned safe.
  • Bryn and Manasael took Layla, Manasael’s friend, back home in Silver Peak.
  • Delaana and Cinder asked questions, looked for a representative of Order of Unblinking Eye.
  • Met with Tylluan, Bryn’s mentor. He revealed:
  • … that my father was injured investigating a new fortress the Ambershards built on or near our land.
  • … there have been skirmishes among the Ambershards and their cronies and (assumedly) other houses.
  • … the Dwarf King has been seen less and less.
  • … the Stone Council has taken over daily affairs. The Ambershards are leading this; Bryn’s family who is also on the council has been trying to check their power.
  • … Bryn’s dreams are very troubling. Tylluan revealed to him that there are in fact 13 Halls. What the dreams mean is uncertain, but it’s not good.
  • Forge is a powderkeg. The news Bryn brought is bad. A civil war could break out. Bryn needs to be careful.
  • After Bryn meets with his family, Tylluan wants him to come back and they’ll visit the Hall of Vengeance to make sure it’s still sealed.
  • Manasael showed the Lorekeepers his shapechanging ability, and walked around as a bear.
  • Cinder was writing a letter to set up a meeting with the Archmage (or representatives).

Early August (missed session)

  • Veylla, the blacksmith’s daughter, rescued.
  • Amada Sardo (?) another prison, Tormach recognized the name as being associated with a criminal organization (Tormach may not have mentioned this to group)


  • We found a storage area, with a variety of magic items. (Clockwork Cowl, Ring of the Ram, etc.) Focal point: A sword that Delaana claims.
  • Also, some items: Vial of lockburst, two healing, two stonemeal, one sigil stone of fire, one sigil stone of cold, a scroll of mage hand, a vial of frostwyrm oil, and money (2g, 17s, 74c).
  • To a chamber to the south, we found Mogor. He was channeling some dark power, a source not dissimilar from divine magic, but twisted.
  • We found ourselves in an all white room, dreamlike, paralyzed, and Mogor addressed us all. (Speaking in a chorus of voices).
  • We continued into the dungeons below Smiddig Gedat, a mix of mining caves and chambers.
  • We came across what looked like old holding cells. Inside: Various nasty constructs (possessed automata).
  • At the end of the chambers, we find a shrine: “We are as all shall be in the eternal silent darkness we shall again be free”. It is evil and feels like it’s actively resisting my prayers. We disrupted the shrine physically, but it would take more research before I might be able to repair it.

Kato's session notes

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