GM Bounties

So, you want an extra DM Point or two? Just in case things get a bit hairy and you need to bail yourself out? Here are some of the things you can do to earn them. These fall into two basic categories. First is “Helping Me Out” where you are doing things that help me (the GM), frequently by reducing my prep time and such. Second is “Doing Cool Things For the Group” where you do things that don’t directly help you or the rest of the group, but are related to the game and are really cool. Before you go diving into these, let me know you’re about to work on it or do it so I can answer any questions or fill in any details necessary.

Helping Me
1.) Using TokenTool I need tokens for roll20 of all sorts. I need generics of all races (humans, elves, halflings, etc) as well as for any variety of D&D or 13th Age monster. If you’re doing this, talk to me first so I can give you directions in what I need and how to format with tokentool.

2.) I need official D&D dungeon tile sets scanned and formatted for use with roll20, likely using Photoshop or something like it. If you want to do this, let me know and I can get you the default dimensions for a single square in roll20 so they can line up better.

3.) I need people to help maintain the wiki. This means keeping things updated like the current adventure, current notes, the party supplies (gold, consumables, etc), adding NPCs, and so on.

4.) Shameless bribery. If you run across a program, book, or something else that you feel will make the game better (not just something I want, but something that will improve the game) and get it for me, that’s worth a point. Yes, alcohol counts. If you’re not sure if I want something or if it’s useful, just ask.

Cool Stuff
1.) Commission drawings. Of your character, someone else’s character, or some event during the game. Seeing art based on the game is really awesome.

2.) Write out in-character journals about events in the game. Seeing things from your character’s perspective is something I enjoy seeing. Even better if you go back to old sessions and write those up.

3.) Buy and paint a miniature for your character. Yes, we’re playing online, but that’s still something really nifty.

4.) Anything else cool. I can’t account for everything you might do that would be really awesome to see. If it is sufficiently awesome and related to the game, it could be worth a point.

GM Bounties

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