City of Osis

City of Dungeons, City of Cellars


The city of Osis is a large trade city found near the intersection of two Imperial Highways and within a day or two of significant lumber and mined resources like silver. Osis is known as the City of Dungeons or City of Cellars because of an unusual concentration of living dungeons which made it to or near the surface and remained even after being “killed”, leading to an extensive underground side to the city known as the City Below. Osis is a city of quiet conflict. It has powerful trades guilds (especially the Guild of Smiths and the Carpenter’s Association), an equally powerful merchant’s guild, several thieves guilds, as well as the nobility trying to keep on top of all of it. To top it off, just because Osis is a city of the Empire doesn’t mean that the living dungeons haven’t stopped bubbling up from deep within the earth.

Government and other important Organizations

Office of the Lord Mayor
Advisory Council
Guild of Smiths
Carpenter’s Association
Merchant’s Guild
The Rag Men
The Ghost Runners
Black Breath Society
Winter’s Knives
2nd Cohort of the Imperial VII Legion

City Information

Eagle District (Government area)
- Shield District (Town Below the Eagle District. City Guard HQ, military barracks, etc.)
Gold District (the merchant area, houses and shops, entertainment venues)
- Stone District (Town Below Gold District. warehouses, storage, more shops and homes, etc)
Rose District (Nobles and powerful merchants)
- Red Iron District (Vaults, more homes, and servants quarters for the wealthy)
Trade Quarter (businesses, warehouses, workshops)
- The Scales – (more warehouses and workshops)
Green Town (mostly residential)
- The Greys (mostly poorer residential)
Sky Quarter (churches, mage towers, alchemists)
- Twisted Halls (more magic-related workshops, libraries, laboratories, etc)
Dead District (poor area, lots of dive pubs, shady businesses, beggars and thieves)
- The Rat’s Nest (maze-like poor area, like the Dead District except even moreso)

Key NPCs

Lord Mayor Felix Devon
Grandmaster Smith Lebeni Ferril
Carpenter Guildmaster Selene Moretti
Master Merchant Elanor Roch
Viscount of the Imperial Court Malachi Le Rouge
Centurion Dimitri Sturmer
Captain of the Osis Guard Edwin Lynch

City of Osis

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