Battle Maps

Sometimes the thing with playing online is that it’s not always easy to share the maps and events that the players are seeing. The older maps here are just the raw maps, no tokens, no environmental stuff, etc. I, as the GM, will be making a bigger effort from here on out to include screenshots of battles as they happen so that people can better visualize what the players are experiencing as they listen to the sessions.

The warehouse where the party fought for the first time in Session 02.
Warehouse resized

The area of the living dungeon where the party encountered the ratling and rat swarms in Session 04
Living dungeon1 resized

The Fire Wasps hideout that the party spent time with in Session 05 and Session 06
Fire wasps

The back alley where the party ran across Dunlar Kaldrum and his quest to capture Tormach
Market cul de sac

Battle Maps

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