Tormach NPCs

These NPCs are important, in some fashion, to Tormach, his history, or his ongoing story.

Laroven – human, petite redhead female. Tormach and Laroven met in their early teens, resulting in a passionate relationship that led to their engagement. Laroven suddenly broke the engagement with Tormach, never truly explaining her reasons for doing so. She soon disappeared from Osis, leaving Tormach heartbroken. He hasn’t seen her in over a decade, and he has never truly gotten over losing her.

Golag – half-orc, tall, low intelligence, overweight male. He is about 5 years older than Tormach. Golag’s father, Dergu, is a laborer at the Treharne shipping company. Golag is jealous of the Treharne family because of their success and money, and has been a bully to Tormach since he was a small boy. They would occassionally see each other in pubs or other entertainment venues, where Golag would verbally and physically bully a young Tormach.

Caeddry – human wizard, old male, long black beard and hair, always carries a long, twisted staff with a glowing red stone at the top. Lives in a secluded shack along the river, outside of small town in Wild Wood. Caeddry is eccentric, and not well received by most people due to his dress and personality. Tormach was employed by Caeddry for a time, tasked with “obtaining” certain magical or rare items needed for rituals and other spell work. Caeddry treated Tormach well and they developed a good strong friendship. Tormach was seeking an item for Caeddry in the dwarven stronghold when he was captured and held for being “special” to the clan.

Pradric Treharne – human, late 50s, greying hair. Tormachs father. Their relationship is stressed and they do not get along well. They barely speak to one another, and usually only when forced by Tormachs grandmother, Katerina. Pradric wanted Tormach to be involved in the company, running the day to day operations so he could eventually take full control upon Pradrics retirement or death. Tormach defied his fathers wishes, eventually leaving to join a thieves guild. After Tormachs mother died, Pradric become bitter and depressed, pushing everyone away.

Robur – tiefling male, reddish tinted skin, mid 30s. He is Tormachs contact inside of Hellhole known for being full of artifacts desired by followers of the Diablist. Tormach met Robur inside of a Hellhole after he was injured while trying to escape. Robur help hide Tormach from other demons, eventually leading him to safety in exchange for Tormach bringing him items from the outside world that cannot be found inside of the twisted ruins of the Hellhole. Over time, Robur and Tormach have become good friends, though they are always a bit suspicious of one another.

Ohku Naravas – Ohku Naravas is employed by the Treharne Shipping Company, where he has been an employee for over two decades. He is a tall, middle aged man who started at the bottom, loading and unloading goods in the Treharne warehouse. Ohku is very charismatic and is a talented salesman. He is one of Katerina’s most trusted advisors, and is credited with building the company into the successful venture that it is become. When Katerina decided to expand the business to Forge, she asked Ohku to spearhead the effort. Under his direction, the company has steadily increased its holdings in the city to keep up with the demand for their services. Ohku has a taste for the finer things in life, spending his money on the best clothes, food, and wine one can buy. Ohku also enjoys sports, betting on anything from horse races to fighting.

Tormach NPCs

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