Manasael NPCs

13th Age NPC’s

A brief overview of the the Moot’s in Tribe of the Elder Tree. The tribe as a whole are one people. It is expected that you declare allegiance to one of the four seasonal moots when you come of age. The Moots all take turns leading the tribe on a year for year basis and all have their own warriors, hunters, scouts, spiritual leaders, mentors etc. It is not uncommon for cross-moot communication and training. Each moot has its own quirks, and all are responsible for their seasons rituals to ensure a bountiful/productive/safe passing of that particular season. All hold the Elder Tree in the highest regard as the spirit of the tree is ancient and wise.

*Pah’eya, Matriarch of the Winters Grasp Moot- Pah’eya is a mother figure to many in the Winters Grasp, but is the closest thing to a mother that Manasael has ever known. She found him when he was just a toddling youth, surviving on his own in the woods with the help of a juvenile wolf. Adopting the child she brought him up and taught him everything he knows about the woods and hunting. They are very close in private, but she must maintain a rigid demeanor in the presence of the moot.

*N’ana, maiden of the Springs Bounty Moot- As a maiden of the Springs Bounty Moot, N’ana is one of many young ladies responsible for performing in the Ceremonies of Spring. They must all maintain their purity while they serve in this role and are unable to marry or consummate a relationship until they have chosen and trained a maiden to take their place. She is quite close with Manasael, the two have an unofficial relationship. To outsiders it seems she is always critical and angry with him, but her confidantes know the truth in her behavior. Manasael is oblivious to this ‘relationship’, but will admit a soft spot in his heart for her.

*Arkan Gnarled-oak, Patriarch of the Summers Flight Moot- As the patriarch of the Summers Flight Moot he leads his people as warriors as well as hunters. He’s a rough, hard-headed man quick to anger but gifted with a tempering wisdom he’s gained through his years of life. He’s an extremely gifted Shifter and has been a mentor for Manasael, whom has shown quite a knack for Shifting himself. Most interactions between the two end with a walking stick to Manasael’s backside for one reason or another.

*Bokol, scout for the Falls Languish Moot- Manasael’s best friend. Many stories circulate about these two’s exploits. From stealing sweets imported from the cities (Arkan’s private stash), to the accidental slaying of one of Lapner the Pig-Mongers prize sows (no one has been able to prove anything but it really was an accident). The two are like brothers, finishing each others sentences, sharing ideas with a glance. There is going to be one point of contention between the two, although neither knows it yet. A love triangle between Bokol, N’ana, and Manasael is brewing but it could be years before it bears and fruit.

*Layla Burgemeist- Layla is a bit of a conundrum to Manasael. A city girl who may have had the most impact on him in regards to his feelings for the stone forest. Her flighty, clumsy demeanor is a burden as he always finds himself put in a position where she needs his help. But his lack of social grace typically leads him into trouble that she has to drag him out of in return. She’s the only daughter of a wealthy merchant and well known in the city she lives in. Many men plan to seek her hand (for various savory and unsavory reasons) when she is of age in the next year or so and these men fear the influence of the wild man Manasael.

Manasael NPCs

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