Gold District

The Gold District used to be known as the Garden District, but nobody outside of official records even knows that anymore. Even official records now refer to it as the more fitting name, because the Gold District is the center of commerce in Osis. The Gold District is home to the Mordane Bazaar, the largest open air market in Osis, as well as numerous shops of all sorts. Many merchants maintain offices in this district and the Merchant’s Guild keeps their headquarters here just a couple hundred yards away from the Mordane Bazaar. Many shops double as houses with the merchants living above or below the premises.

Because so many goods flow through this district, this is also the area to hire guards, cooks, teamsters, and others for caravan duty. The City Guard maintains a serious presence in this district, with regular patrols day and night to curb theft, bar brawls, and other crimes. The flow of traffic also means that this district has many inns, taverns, and venues dedicated to different kinds of entertainment for people passing through.

Among these businesses, two places especially stand out, The Golden Stag and The Red Sands. The Golden Stag an exceptionally large tavern that boasts a wide variety of ales and cheap food, but is better known as the place to find the best musicians and actors in Osis. Every night The Golden Stag boasts musical acts, plays, and poets from all over the region. On the final day of every week, there is an even bigger and special production which packs the house despite a cover charge at the door. The Red Sands, on the other hand, is an open air arena used for any number of sports including gladiatorial combat, duels, races, and feats of strength or agility. Although the rules of the arena (as well as the laws of the Empire) prohibit contests to the death accidents, as well as “accidents”, happen. This gives the arena its name as well as brings out large audiences.

Other Places In Gold District

  • The Gallant Wizard Inn – Tormach’s grandmother Katerina has a stake in the ownership.
  • Blue Barrel Tavern – Where the party met Gellis and introduced pink beer.
  • Treharne Goods & Services – One of the management offices used by Katerina Treharne. Open day and night. No buying or selling goes on here, only management and archival. Bryn went here during the Fire Wasp situation to gather guards for Katerina.
  • Three Oak Road – Location of Treharne Goods & Services and several other offices.

Gold District

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