Delaana NPCs

These NPCs are important, in some fashion, to Delaana, her history, or her ongoing story.

Alan Quartermain – Alan is a human male in his late 30s with fiery red hair, blue eyes, and a clean face. His skin is bronzed, a result of his early life as a farmer before the demons destroyed his village, the same village that delaana came from. He grew up with delaana, admiring her from afar. Aligning himself with no icons an very few people, he hunts those who destroyed his family..

Alia Tomas – Alla is a human female, born and raised in Horizon. Abandoned as a child and taken in by acolytes of the archmage, she has been a devoted follower ever since. At 5’ even she is often confused for a halflling, but her volumptuous curves, long blond curls and pixy face soon dispel this notion. Delaana fascinates her, her strength, power and experiences draw the young woman who has barely lived in her 20 years.

Eva Keebler – Eva thought she was pure elven. She definitely looks it with her tall, lithe figure, moss green eyes and silver ankle-length hair. She was the most beautiful elf in her small homestead and therefore had no problem snagging the very attractive, and equally rich, Harmen Keebler. Her life was perfect, until she gave birth to the couple’s first child. The child’s skin was auburn, her hair was dark, and worst of all she had horns and a tail! Even though a quick glimpse is all she ever saw of her daughter, that birth has changed her life. Abandoned by those she loved, she searches for the truth of her heritage.

Fhaatris Droverson – Fhaatris leans more to the human side of her half-elf heritage. While she has the pale skin and dark hair of her elven mother, she has the stocky build and brown eyes of her father. At 5’8”, she is more human-sized than elf as well, but she has inherited her mother’s love for children. That’s why her heart will always be burdened with what she did to that poor baby. She knew her mistress would never be able to face the child, so she did what she thought was best, but even abandoning it at a temple in the nearby human settlement seems cruel and heartless.

Zannan Gemviper – Zannan looks like any other dwarf man of his age and stature. At 50 years of age, he is no young pup but is in the prime of his life and he long dark hair and beard prove it. His only regret is the loss of his best pupil, a tiefling female whose devotion to the crusader was almost as fanatical as his own, and a budding blacksmith as well! He cannot believe she would turn her back on him, on what they once both held sacred, and he vows to one day convince her of her error, using what ever means necessary.

Yenian Coilbone – Yenian looks more demon that human, and proudly shows his tiefling ancestry but shining his black as night horns and flaunting his long barbed tail. He wears black, to show off his dark red skin. He has spent many years studying the darkest magics, all in his ambition to serve at the right hand of the Diabolist, and now he has a special mission directly from her: find those like him, tiefling born, and bring them to his mistress.

Delaana NPCs

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