Cinder NPCs

These NPCs are important, in some fashion, to Cinder XIII, his history, or his ongoing story.

Emma – A little girl street urchin that found me in the junk heap 5 years ago, she was 10 at the time. I took her as my charge watching over her and providing for her as best I could while still trying to find my mount. She is curious and sometimes willful but overall she is kind-hearted and sweet.

Talyn – An experiment of the Archmage which resulted in an anthropomorphic cat, and a skilled bounty hunter and thief. she has been the closest thing to a friend that i have had until now. we have done several jobs for several different employers the most notable of which is a man named Mellivora who was the man that brought us together as a team and also gave us most of our jobs. Talyn is quick agile and has a lovely voice, she is also generally a skeptic and pessimist.

Mellivora – the person that I have done the most mercenary work for, Emma describes him as being a small ant on a small hill. Melivora is a criminal ringleader of sorts. He dabbles in the slave trade, smuggling, as well as items acquisition, I have worked with him in the smuggling and stealing aspects but refuse to tangle myself too deeply with him. He knows that I think of him as scum and returns the opinion in kind.

The Lady Bracknell – a noble dwarf woman who put up the first money to have me constructed and whose clan the smiths and forges where used to create me, my fate has been tied to her clan’s honor since the beginning of the project. The loss of my drake has hurt her standing with the Dwarf King and as the matriarch of her clan has been furious with those responsible for keeping my charge since its escape.

Landon – the caretaker of the drake that was to be my mount, he is a studious and practical man who was meticulous in his care of the beast that was my charge. since its disappearance he has lost almost all standing in the house of Lady Bracknell and is all but destitute now.

Cinder NPCs

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