Bryn NPCs

These NPCs are important, in some fashion, to Bryn, his history, or his ongoing story.

Tylluan “The Wise” – Well-respected (possibly senior) member of the Lorekeepers of Forge, and an old friend of Bryn’s father. Patient and incredibly learned, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and to understand why the world works the way it does. Tylluan has an anecdote or story for almost any occasion, an answer for nearly any question, and yet is still capable of childlike wonder in discovering the unknown. Bryn looks up to him as a mentor, and Tylluan has always regarded the junior Lorekeeper with fondness. Tylluan is of average height and girth for a dwarf (stocky and round), with a bald pate ringed with white hair and a long white beard. He wears the red cloak and pin/clasp of his order, and may have other adornment or vestments befitting his station.

Neidr Ironbanner – An important advisor to the Dwarf King, either as a holder of office or member of an advising council, or as an influential member of a powerful house/clan (or both). Neidr’s clan/family have long held close ties to dwarven monarchy (though not part of the ruling family themselves) for historical and political reasons. Neidr takes a dim view of the Lorekeepers, frequently questioning their usefulness to the King (Neidr believes in axes in the hands of dwarves, not books) and expressing distrust in their stewardship of the lore of their people, while at the same time having no qualms with using them and their information to further his own agendas. He is an arrogant, jealous man, who leans heavily on his family name and furthers himself at the expense of others. He is of average build (if even a bit slender for a dwarf) with dark hair and beard kept relatively short and “fashionable”. He wears fine clothes and jewelry (rings in particular).

Keyoth Stormbringer – Keyoth and Bryn met when Bryn was still an initiate and doing research (or tracking down an artifact, or some such thing). Keyoth is a minor wizard/mage with a flare for the dramatic and an affinity for weather-related magic and phenomena. When they first met, Bryn had heard tales from locals of the “Bringer of Storms” who could control nature itself and bless or curse their growing season at a whim. But upon meeting him, Bryn soon learned that much of this was just an act and a persona that Keyoth employed to keep the locals from bothering him too much. Though he often appears as an old, bent, half-crazed sorcerer with a long beard, it is all a front—the beard is fake (he can’t grow one worth a damn, and his real hair is orangish-red), he’s tall and rather fit, and looks younger than his age. He has a lightning shaped scar or tattoo across his chest.

Kathryn Steelborn – Kathryn is a soldier, as her father was before her, serving as a guard in Forge (perhaps even as part of the King’s Guard). The nature of her duty frequently brings her into contact with the Lorekeepers—their vaults may be part of her route, or she may accompany them on some of their missions outside of Forge. She seems to have a soft spot for Bryn, but despite her otherwise ample bravery, she gets self-conscious and flustered around him (a fact she hates). Kathryn has golden redish hair that, when not tucked into a helmet, is often braided. She is of average build and height, but fit from her service.

Gunju the cat – No one knows when the sleek black house cat first started prowling the vaults of the Lorekeepers, but he’s been a fixture of their halls for some time, and since his arrival they’ve had much less trouble with mice tearing up old scrolls for nests. Bryn is particularly fond of him, despite the cat’s habit of curling up on the book Bryn is attempting to study. Tylluan complains that Gunju stalks him from behind the stacks and attacks his ankles when he walks by, but has been known to bring him food or scratch his belly when he thinks no one is around. On the rare occasion that Gunju has crossed paths with Neidr Ironbanner, he has proceeded to yowl and spit, which in itself was enough to endear him with the Lorekeepers.

Bryn NPCs

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