Anna Lynn NPCs

These NPCs are important, in some fashion, to Anna Lynn, her history, or her ongoing story.

Cate Lynn – Cate is Anna’s younger sister. Opposite of Anna in appearance and personality. Short in stature, short black hair always pulled back. Works as a money changer in a large changing house near her home, never having been interested in traveling. She has a plain husband who works as a scribe. Cate doesn’t think very highly of Anna as she feels the music gig is just a phase and always wants to know when Anna will come home and settle down.

Tavis (aka Trav) Lynn – Anna’s loving Father is a tall, broad shouldered man. Kind, warm, playful, and giving. He teaches young children in the town’s school house. Trav is a hugger, always giving the biggest, warmest hugs.

Rilien – Anna was Rilien’s favorite student. They shared a bond that was deeper than student/teacher, they were kindred best friends. For the ten years that Anna was taught by him they were almost inseperable. They still write frequently.

Kitsune – Kitsune was Anna’s first manager. He was backhanded and abusive. Anna was too young to catch all the warning signs. He was controlling, only allowing her to go out when he scheduled her to, only providing a small monthly allowance from her accounts, and not allowing her to see her friends anymore. He would get angry if Anna did not abide by the rules and his punishments were nearly always physical. It wasn’t until Rilien and Trav went to her home to see if she was still alive and noticed bruises and took her away from there that she was rid of Kitsune.

Tony Down – Stark contrast to her typical love affairs, Tony is a wealthy philanthropist who wines and dines Anna before taking her back to his elaborate home in Shadow Port. He loves listening to her sing just for him. This relationship is strictly physical. Anna always enjoys the time spent together and is under no illusion that she is his only distraction. She does feel that he is a trusted confidant.

Anna Lynn NPCs

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