Campaign of the Month: March 2013

Forgotten Sagas of the 13th Age

Session 14 - Mirrors and Madmen

Session 14

Session 13: Fun & Games In The Ravenwood Estate
Explosive door greeters, hanged men, and mirrors

Session 13

Session 12: Who and What is The Blackstaff
Finally getting to the heart of the matter

Session 12

Session 10: On The Hunt
Handsome Jack, grabass parades, and thralls

I (the GM) was a bit grumpy for this due to ongoing technical problems, so it’s admittedly not my best session. Fair warning.

Session 10

Session 09: Into The Mouth Of Madness
Nobody Expects The Adventuring Inquisitives!

Session 09

Session 08: Returning A Favor
A dawning new horror

Session 08

Session 07: Downtime and Dangerous Dwarves
The party gets some rest before running into an unexpected obstacle

Session 07

And the song at the end…

The Bitey End

Session 06: Minions and Murder
In which the party drives the GM to drink heavily

If you’re into the serious art of tabletop RPGs… maaaaaybe it’s better if you don’t watch this one. It’s not safe for work, delicate sensibilities, people with testicles, or livers.

Session 06