Titan's Mitts

A glove made of overlapping copper places etched with ancient runes of strength


Item Type: Glove/Gauntlet
Property: None
Quirk: Hit first. Talk later.

Clobberin’ Time (Free Action, Recharge 16+)
Once per day, you deal an additional 1d8 damage with 2-handed weapons until the end of battle. This increases to 2d8 at Champion Tier and 4d10 at Epic Tier.

Heave Ho (Free Action, Recharge 11+)
Once per day, you may add +2 to any Background roll used to lift, push, climb, pull, throw, or any other Strength-related non-combat task. This increases to +4 at Champion Tier and +6 at Epic Tier.


These armored gloves look oversized, almost comically so, when not being worn. Yet they fit as well as any fine deerskin glove and allow the wearer just as much manual dexterity as they had before. More importantly, they allow the wearer to perform tremendous feats of strength. The gloves were created at the behest of a long ago king whose forces were fighting several clans of giants. His soldiers were more skilled and better trained, but could not stand up to the staggering strength of the huge monsters. With these gloves, his knights could and did hew through the giants and stand up to them on a more even basis. The tide was turned, the king eventually victorious, and knowledge of the creation of the gloves was spread wide and fire by veterans of the conflict. They have been popular ever since, with soldiers, mercenaries, adventurers, even the odd assassin or laborer.

Titan’s Mitts are almost universally of the same design, though some are fingerless and others are not. They are made of heavy leather gloves, usually a either thick cowhide or some monstrous creature’s skin, covered with articulated copper plates that are inscribed with magical sigils to promote strength. A cut ruby or red garnet is placed on the back of the glove, near the knuckles. No enchanter or arcane smith is precisely sure why the gem is there or why it must be red, but the gloves do not retain their power for more than a few weeks without it.

Titan's Mitts

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