The Shield of Evil's Bane.


Item Type: Armor (Shield)
Property: Increase maximum HP by 4 at Adventurer tier, 10 at Champion tier, and 25 at Epic Tier
Quirk: The character wants to eat tremendous amounts of well cooked meat, preferably outdoors.

Adventurer Tier
A New Dawn: (Free Action, Recharge 6+) – When you make a melee basic attack, make a roll to recharge one expended power.

Champion Tier (Level 5+)
Solar Flare: (Standard Action, Once Per Battle, Recharge 16+) – You may make the following attack.
C: 9 vs PD (12 vs PD at Epic Tier) against 1d3 engaged or nearby targets. Enemies who are hit are Dazed (save ends). On a natural 16+ hit, they are instead Weakened (save ends)

Epic Tier (Level 8+)
Brightest Day: (Free Action, Once Per Day) – When you are either Staggered or dropped to 0 HP, you may immediately spend a recovery to heal as a reaction. In addition, you gain a +4 to attacks and defenses for 1 turn and may use the Solar Flare power as a Quick Action instead of a Standard Action.


The forces of darkness or evil, be they undead, demon, thief, or murderer, have never had any particular like of sunlight. Even if it can’t always harm them directly, the sun is uncomfortable or an obstacle to them. Such is the thinking that lead to the creation of Sunbright shields many Ages ago by followers of the Great Gold Wyrm. Such is the power and utility of the shield that the knowledge of their creation spread far and wide, much to the creation of Icons like the Lich King, Prince of Shadows, and the Diabolist. Such is their dislike of the shield that merely carrying one can subject the bearer to harassment, thefts, attacks, or assassination.

Most Sunbright shields are plain affairs with a flat plate of reflective metal set into the center of a heavy wooden shield. The metal is typically alchemically treated brass or copper, but occasionally will be magically-treated gold instead. Very rare examples instead have polished dragonscales, typically from gold, brass, or copper dragons. Despite how reflective and bright they can be, silver metal and silver dragonscales are rarely used for these shields due to being more typically associated with the moon than the sun.


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