Mantle of Stone

Cloak of the Stalwart


Item Type: Cloak/Mantle/Cape
Property: +1 to PD per tier
Quirk: Always the last to retreat or avoid danger

Brother of Stone: (Recharge 11+) When an attack against your PD hits, make the attacker reroll the attack against a PD of 15 instead (20 at Champion Tier, 25 at Epic Tier).


These cloaks have been made for many Ages for the military leaders of the Dwarf King, but the process of making them has spread to the Dragon Empire and beyond. They are still uncommon, however, and owning one is still a sign of prestige or honorable heritage to some peoples and communities, especially within the Dwarf clans. However, many famous warriors and soldiers have met their end while wearing a Mantle of Stone and others find it to be an unlucky or ominous thing to wear.

Mantles of Stone created by Dwarves almost universally are grey in color with a symbol of the Dwarf King embroidered with silver thread on the back. This thread tends to glow briefly when the magical power of the cloak is invoked. Those created outside the Dwarf clans usually have a grey or silver lining or fringe as a nod towards the origin of the design, but otherwise are created with a range of colors and symbols (if any). For example, the Crusader’s Knights of the Ebon Star have cloaks that are blood red and embroidered with circles of banishment in golden thread on the back to intimidate their demonic foes.

Mantle of Stone

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