Pendant of Scales

A black iron gear enlaid on the scale of a silver dragon on a thin magnetic chain


Item Type: Necklace
Property: +1 to all saves when at 10 hp or fewer (25 or fewer at Champion, 50 or fewer at Epic)
Quirk: Occasionally slip into speaking Draconic without realising it.

Breath of the Silver – Once per day, make a Close attack at one nearby enemy as a Quick action. Use the character’s highest Str/Dex/Con attribute + Level + Escalation die vs. PD. Deal 1d6 cold damage per level. By spending one recovery, attack 1d3 nearby enemies instead.


This pendant is a mystery, on many levels. It is made up of a single silver dragon scale about the size of a man’s palm with a small iron gear embedded in the exact center of the scale, with a magnetic iron chain. It seems to be something purpose made, something given out to members of a particular group or fellowship. But no such group has made themselves known, meaning that they are either quite secret or non-existent. No smith, jeweler, or other artisan has spoken up and claimed that they have crafted the pendant either. Only a dozen of them are known to exist, though it’s unknown if there were only a few made or only a few have been discovered.

Even with all the mystery behind the origin and design of the pendant, the most strange thing about these pendants is the magics contained within. People have reported different effects from the same pendant. In some cases, the pendant has had no discernible effect at all for the wearer. For others, it’s made them more “them” for lack of a better way to put it. Dwarves are even more tougher and stubborn, elves more graceful, gnomes even more confusing, and so on. This is unusual and nobody is even sure if it’s actually more than in the head of the wearer or observers.

Pendant of Scales

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