Ring of the Ram


Item Type: Ring
Quirk: Argumentative, and tends to be very stubborn about whatever position is taken.

Ramming Speed: Once per battle, as a quick action, you can unleash a blast of force from the ring at any creature engaged with you. Roll your DEX + Level vs PD, and on a hit, you pop free of it and knock it backwards ten feet.


A stylized ram’s head graces the front of this ring heavy bronze ring, and it goes onto your finger almost reluctantly – then comes off with great reluctance. These rings are not uncommon and in fact are some of the most frequently encountered magical rings in the whole Empire. Many guardsmen in the cities and bigger towns will attempt to acquire these, as they are extremely handy for dealing with violent criminals of all sorts.

The Ring of the Ram is so common and has been around for so long that any real history has been long lost. Almost every Icon of the past is said to have made it, as are almost every major magical figure in history. More important than the history now are the individual craftsmen who have made rings over the years. Many are said to possess additional powers, some are much more elaborate and expensive, and some have been worn by (in)famous people. This means that even as (relatively) common these rings are, there is still a healthy market for specific, unusual variations.

Ring of the Ram

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