Clockwork Cowl

A heavy cloak, embedded with softly whirring gears and cogs that speed up when it's wearer is threatened.


Item Type: Cloak
Property: +1 to PD per tier
Quirk: Obsessivly taps along to any rhythm or tune.

Time Keeps on Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’…: (Free Action, Daily) – Gain +2 to your initiative check.

Quicktime, March!: (Free Action, Daily) – Give yourself an extra move or quick action this round.


The clockwork cowl is a heavy hooded cloak that has an entire array of enchanted clockwork gears on the underside. The material these cloaks are made from is usually wool, especially from Dwarven makers, but more costly and elegant version of the cloak are made from a rare sea silk. These cloaks are almost always black, dark blue, or dark green. Initially this was coincidence, as these were the only dyes the maker initially had available for them, but has since turned into something of a trademark. Most of the clockwork is sandwiched between the outer layer and the inner lining of the cloak, but enough gears, springs, and cogs can be seen on the underside to make it clear what sort of garment it is. Almost every clockwork cowl is sold with a gear or cog cloak pin that displays the heraldry or personal symbol of the creator.

Unlike many other magic items, the history of the clockwork cowl is both recent and well documented. The new and increasingly widespread ability to make clockwork and the resultant fad that’s come up for the wealthy is the major foundation for the creation of the clockwork cowl. Many enchanters and artisans began making clockwork versions of their usual items where possible or incorporating clockwork motifs and ideas where it wasn’t possible.

The first clockwork cowl was created by a husband and wife who operated a clothing shop in Horizon. In addition to making the garments, they offered minor enchantments that could be woven into the clothing. These final products could only be considered lesser magical items, but they were nonetheless very popular with wealthier or more status conscious parts of the city. In an effort to cash in on the clockwork fad, the couple created a weaker version of what’s now known as the clockwork cowl (Mechanical Note: This lesser magic item only has the Initiative bonus power).

The design was staggeringly popular, unbelievably so, and the couple could barely keep up with the demand. Wealthy merchants, style-conscious mages, savvy criminals, cautious adventurers, all manner of people wanted one. Copycat designs popped up over the next year and slowly the couple found that where they once were unable to keep up with demand, they were now struggling to get any orders at all. They decided to step things up and created a version of the cowl with more abilities and style. This has also proven to be very popular and although more copycats have popped up, none of them have quite been able to match the original yet.

Clockwork Cowl

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