Bracers of Shadow Chain

Favored of the Prince of Shadows


Item Type: Bracers
Property: None
Quirk: Always seeks something higher than ground level to stand upon

Swing Through Shadows (Free Action) Add +5 to checks involving climbing. Gain the ability to traverse heavily forested areas or city streets as though flying (but only while not in combat, as it takes concentration).


These metal armbands contain spools of very fine living silver chains. With a little concentration on the part of the attuned wearer the chains animate, allowing the wearer to    
latch on to branches or rooftops and swing about. Despite the silvery metal of the chains, they appear nearly invisible to everybody except the bearer. The blackened metal has the emblem of the Prince of Shadows embossed in such a way that it can only be seen when at a particular angle. Well-to-do thieves and assassins sometimes use this as a signal to contacts and friends.

As with anything so strongly associated with the Prince of Shadows, the origins are a mystery. The legend tells that the Prince of a previous age stole silver hairs from the Elf Queen, stole the Dwarf King’s breastplate while he was wearing it, and then stole the heart of the smith who the Prince wanted to craft it.

The Elven Court has a simpler story of how the design spread through the world, where the Prince merely stole the designs from their elite Glade Guard. The Glade Guard have two variations on the concept (with vines or spider webs) and have been using them for many ages. The followers of the Prince merely shrug and smile mysteriously at the accusation.

Bracers of Shadow Chain

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