Pup of the Winters Grasp Moot


A young man of his mid twenties with long-black hair, molded into a tight braid. His eyes are as green as the foliage of a spring forest. He’s lean, with a rugged musculature and has an air of a barely contained beast.

Name: Manasael
Player: Eddie
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Level: 3

STR: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 3.
CON: 14. Mod: 2. Mod+Lvl: 5.
DEX: 18. Mod: 4. Mod+Lvl: 7.
INT: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 3.
WIS: 17. Mod: 3. Mod+Lvl: 6.
CHA: 12. Mod: 1. Mod+Lvl: 4.

Hitpoints (max): 45
Initiative: 7
AC: 18
PD: 16
MD: 16
Recoveries: 8
Die Size: 3d6+2

One Unique Thing: He has a heart of amber. This was given to him from the spirit of the Elder Tree in order to save him from death

Icon Relationships:
High Druid – Positive (2)
Dwarf King – Positive/Negative (1)

Wild Sage of Winters Grasp (4)
Stone Forest Predator (2)
Student of the Civilized (2)

Hide Armor (light armor)
Spear (broad flat head of alchemically treated obsidian)
Throwing hatchetsx 3 (well-balanced, obsidian headed)
Standard Travelling Gear (Flint & Tinder, Money Pouch, Pack/Satchel, Rain Cloak, Rations, Waterskin)
Winter clothing.
Good Rope (50ft)
Torches (2)

Animal companion- Druidic
Terrain Caster

Basic Melee Attack
Spear: 7 vs. AC, 3d8+4 on hit, 3 on miss.
Basic Ranged Attack
Throwing hatchets: +7 vs. AC, 3d6 + 4 on hit.

Powers & Spells
Druidic Animal Companion lvl 3- 1 daily animal companion calling, 2 daily spells
Wolf (also Big Dog, Coyote, Hyena, Jackal)
Acts: After druid
Advantage: The wolf gains a +1 attack bonus against enemies its master attacked the same turn, or against enemies engaged with its master.
Level 3 Animal Companion
Attack +9 vs. AC
Damage 3d6
AC 19
PD (or MD) 17
MD (or PD) 13
HP 45 (22)

Shifter lvl 3- 1 scout form / 1 either scout or combat
Shifting is standard action, roll save if success uses a quick action instead.
Attack bonus with shift- roll 1d3 this is attack bonus for combat
Beast Attack: At-Will
Targets: 2 atks vs same or diff enemy
Attack: Dex+lvl vs. AC
Natural Even Hit:1d10 dam per lvl + dex damage
Natural Odd Hit:1d6 dam per lvl + dex damage
Miss: Damage = to lvl

Terrain Caster lvl 3- 2 daily spells cast at 3rd lvl
Rain of Acorns (Forest Feat Spell)
Ranged spell
Target: 1d3 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. PD
Hit: 1d4 damage + Wisdom damage.
Miss: Damage equal to your level.
3rd level spell 1d8 damage.

Racial Power
Quick to fight

Class Features
Dex based melee
Wilderness survival

Adventurer- Companion adds escalation die to its attacks.
Adventurer- Shifter- Scout form check gives +2 to ally initiative for this battle. (You gain a +4)
Adventurer- Shifter- Beast attack deals damage equal to level on a miss.
Adventurer- Terrain Caster- Forest/Woods castable on any terrain at-will.


The memories of his youth consist only of fleeting images of a woman with tear-filled eyes setting him down on a log in the forest. Then came the night, terror and darkness. Sounds alien and frightening to him. Then the comfort of a furry animal, young, like him. The tase of hot blood or bitter greens in his mouth as he took what he needed to live from the forest. Then the shiny golden hair of a woman clad in skins lifting him and then happiness.

He would come to know the woman has his ‘mother’, and she was the Matriarch of the Winters Grasp Moot, Pah’eya. She would go on to tell him that the forest itself guided her to him that day, and that his connection to the land was powerful. Barely able to walk but surviving for what she could only guess to be weeks and with no less that a wolf pup at his side. She named him Manasael, a name she said the elder tree had asked she give him. Together with the Tribe of the Elder Tree and then later the Winter Grasp Moot itself, he would grow to a fine hunter, a talented scout as well as a gifted shapeshifter.

At the age of 16 while he was hunting he ran into an orc band. He managed to use cunning to navigate most of the beasts into various traps or natural obstacles. Dropping a hive of wasps into their midst at a well chosen spot drove 2 over a cliff. He baited a couple others to chase him into a large bears den. Another couldn’t be saved in time when a loop snare twined around its neck. His luck unfortunately ran out and the boy was captured. They set to torturing him before they unceremoniously stabbed him in the chest and left him for dead. Pah’eya found him barely alive. Healers would go on to say that the blade had nicked his heart and that he would most likely never survive the night. Pah’eya had him brought before the Elder Tree to ask that he be saved. The spirit of the tree came forth, a pretty young woman with black hair and eyes as green as a spring forests’ foliage. She wept tears of amber into her hands and placed them over his chest. His eyes flashed open in white hot pain, and he remembers thinking he’d seen that woman before as he lost consciousness.

His heart of amber is clearly visible at all times. He views it as a hard won badge of honor


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