Delaana Riften


Name: Delaana Riften
Player: Brandie
Race: Tiefling
Class: Paladin
Level: 5


Hit Points: 106
Initiative: 1d20 9 Dex mod (1)
AC: 24
PD: 17
MD: 17
Recoveries: 9
Die Size: 5d10 + Con mod (3)

One Unique Thing: I believe demons can be converted to a righteous and just cause. I am living proof that demontouched aren’t evil; surely I am not alone! I believe I can sense goodness in demons that want to change and will go all spiritual, even during battle, to convert.

Icon Relationships:
Archmage – Positive (1)
Crusader – Conflicted (2)

Save the demons +1
Order of the Shield +3
Life is short, live it up +2
Apprentice armorer +2

Standard traveling gear
3 healing potions
Sword of Broken Angels – 1d8
Heavy martial crossbow – 1d8
Heavy scale armor, which is heat tempered to a dark green.
Sigil of Fire
Potion Belt
6 days rations

Magical Items:
The Shield of Evil’s Bane: Increase maximum HP by 4 at Adventurer tier, 10 at Champion
A New Dawn: (Free Action, Recharge 6+) – When you make a melee basic attack, make a roll to recharge one expended power. tier, and 25 at Epic Tier

Sword of Broken Angels: Property: +1 to hit and damage per tier. Switch to dealing negative energy damage or back again as a free action. As a quick action, switch to holy damage or back again.

Dark Addiction. After the first time a character uses the Sword of Broken Angels, they become unable to relinquish possession of it willingly; only death or an Icon-level ritual can break the magical addiction.

Soul Drain – For each enemy slain by the Sword of Broken Angels, the wielder gains 1d8 hit points (2d8 at champion tier, 4d8 at epic.). Any HP the character gains beyond their maximum disappear at the end of the battle. For each battle the sword is drawn and it does not slay at least one enemy, the wielder loses 1 recovery until the next full rest (2 at epic tier) to a maximum of half their total recoveries. Alternatively, the wielder can lose 1 recovery’s worth of HP instead.

Ancient Knowledge – The Sword of Broken Angels is an intelligent weapon and possesses a great store of knowledge. Once per day, the wielder may deal damage equal to a basic melee attack to themselves or an ally (this damage may not be reduced in any way) and gain a +5 bonus (per tier) to any knowledge-related check they make.

2gp 7 silver

Bastion – You gain +1 AC.
In addition, once per battle when a nearby ally is hit by an attack, you can choose to lose hit points equal to half of that damage, and have your ally take only half of the damage instead. The damage you lose can come from temporary hit points, but not from damage resistance and other tricks to avoid the damage.

Cleric domain: Healing
When you cast a spell that lets your allies heal using a recovery, teh target also adds hit points equal to double your level to recovery
Invocation of healing: : This battle, you gain an additional use of the heal spell (see Class Features, left). The first heal spell you cast after using this invocation allows the target to heal using a free recovery instead of spending a recovery.

Lay on Hands:
Twice per day as a quick action, you can heal yourself or an ally next to you with a touch. You spend the recovery while the recipient heals as if they had spent the recovery

Clerical Training: Sphere of Radiance
Close Quarter Spell
Effect: you or one nearby ally can heal using a free recovery. Then make the following attack:
Target: Up to two nearby enemies
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 7d8+ Charisma Holy damage
Miss: Half damage

Smite Evil – Your Smite Evil attacks gain a 4 attack bonus.
Bastion – Add another recovery to your total.
improved initiative-
4 to initiative checks.
Lay on Hands Champion: 2/day heal self or ally with touch. Free recovery.
Toughness: bonus hp enough to baseline HP

Racial Power:
Curse of Chaos – Once per battle as a free action when a nearby enemy rolls a natural 1–5 on an attack or a save, turn their roll into a natural 1 and improvise a further curse that shows how their attempt backfires horribly.

Class Feature:
Smite Evil -You can use this talent once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. As a free action before you make a paladin melee attack roll, you can declare that you’re using a Smite Evil attack. Add +1d12 to the damage roll AND deal half damage with the attack if it misses.


Delaana (who goes by De), was raised by a family of humans, blacksmiths, who didn’t really understand what a Tiefling was, but her family, while kind, had a distinct hatred for all demonkind. Her skin is light bark brown with a touch of red, which helped her blend in more. She doesn’t know her birth parents. De’s horns are short and hidden by her hair. Her tail, which is the one pretty identifying feature of her racial heritage, would stay close to her body unless she was agitated, at which time it would uncoil and spread, displaying rather horrifying barbs on the tip. Taught to keep it in her pants by a scared mother, De practiced with her tail until she became as skilled as a whip master with it.

De is tall, early thirties, muscled. Acerbically direct, she is considered mouthy. She joined the Crusaders in her middle teens, believing that her one just cause was to eradicate the demons she watched burn her homestead and family to the ground. As the recruiter examined her and explained what she was, De was furious that she was so tainted.

For nearly a decade, De fought to bring demons to an end. As she watched the execution of anything considered demon, or just evil, she fought harder to prove her worth. Training under the Order of the Shield, she has learned to use the giant thing as almost a second weapon. Using the skills taught her by her adoptive father, she tempered her scale mail to a dark, forest green, giving her an edge in the night, a trait her COs exploited ruthlessly. Her blade, however, she kept as shining steel, an emblem of purity, carved barbs at its tip, making her blade and her tail similar, one. Eventually, however, she realized the Crusaders were a bunch of mindless crazies and couldn’t bring herself to kill without (mostly) just cause. She took a vow to protect the innocent and pledged herself to the Archmage in defense of the land. Her CO, Alia, a human fanatic, took this as a sign of De’s further devotion. Little did she know.

One one of her last assignments, De watched as a small, child-like demon cowered in the corner, unwilling to fight. De could feel the tingling of something… something different. Good. Maybe this demon was like her? Different. Serenely walking through the fighting horde, blade sheathed, De tried to reach the small thing, signaling for its protection, only to watch it be coldly beheaded. It was just a demon after all, right?

De now likes to drink a lot. And because of that, she fails to keep it in her pants more often than not.

Delaana Riften

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