Cinder XIII

Steelborn Warrior


Name: Cinder XIII
Player: Harrington
Race: Steelborn
Class: Fighter
Level: 5

STR: 19. Mod: 4. Mod+Lvl: 9
CON: 16. Mod: 3. Mod+Lvl: 8
DEX: 12. Mod: 1. Mod+Lvl: 6
INT: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 5
WIS: 14. Mod: 2. Mod+Lvl: 7
CHA: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 5

Hitpoints: 88
Initiative: +6
AC: 23 +1
PD: 19
MD: 15
Recoveries: 10
Die Size: 5d10 +8

One Unique Thing
Built to be a dragon rider, but the dragon disappeared

Icon Relationships
Dwarf King – conflicted (3)
Archmage – conflicted (1)

Bounty hunter (4)
Discarded Vassal of the Dwarf King (3)
Rider of Dragons (1)

Body of Steel (Heavy)
Durgar Batlle Axe (5d10)
Stolen Hammer (5d8)
Targe (1AC)
Composite Longbow (5d8)
Standard Traveling Gear

Mantle of Stone
Property: 1 to PD per tier
Quirk: Always the last to retreat or avoid danger
Brother of Stone: (Recharge 11
) When an attack against your PD hits, make the attacker reroll the attack against a PD of 15 instead (20 at Champion Tier, 25 at Epic Tier)


Deadeye Archer – Your attacks with d8 ranged weapons (heavy crossbow, longbow) now deal d10 damage per level. Your attacks with d6 ranged weapons (light crossbow, shortbow) now deal d8 damage per level. In addition, your misses with basic ranged attacks deal damage equal to your level.

Power Attack – Once per battle before you roll an attack, you can declare you’re using Power Attack to deal additional damage with that attack roll. If the attack hits, you deal the following additional damage:
Deal 1d4 additional damage per level if you are using a onehanded
Deal 1d6 additional damage per level if you are using a twohanded

Heavy Warrior – Once per battle while wearing heavy armor, when you are hit by an attack that targets AC, as a free action, you can take half damage from that attack instead.

Powers & Spells
Carve an Opening – Triggering Roll: Any miss – Your crit range with melee attacks expands by a cumulative +1 this battle until you score a melee critical hit. When you score a melee critical hit, your crit range drops back
to normal.

Steady Now – Triggering Roll: Any natural even miss – You gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.

Make Em’ Flinch – Triggering Roll: Any natural even miss – Add the higher modifier from your Strength or Dexterity to the miss damage. At 5th level the damage bonus increases
to double your chosen modifier; at 8th level the damage bonus increases to triple it.

A Dozen Cuts – Triggering Roll: Any natural even hit – The target also takes ongoing damage equal to double your Dexterity modifier, or triple it at 8th level.

Hack and Slash – Triggering Roll: Any natural even roll, when the escalation die
is 2+ – Make another melee weapon attack against a different target.

Deadly Assault – Reroll any 1s from your damage roll. You’re stuck with the rerolls.

Racial Power
Never Say Die – Whenever you drop to 0 hp or below, roll a normal save if you have a recovery available. On an 11+, instead of falling unconscious, you stay on your feet and can heal using a recovery. Add the recovery hit points to 0 hp to determine your hp total.

Class Features
Extra Tough – Start with 9 recoveries instead of 8
Threatening – Whenever an enemy tries to disengage from you, it takes a penalty to its check equal to your Cha or Con Mod, which ever is higher

Deadeye Archer – If you spend a quick action to aim before making a ranged basic attack, add your Dexterity modifier to the damage if you miss.
Power Attack – You deal the additional Power Attack damage even if the attack misses.
Strong Recovery – When you roll recovery dice, reroll one of the dice and use the higher result. At 5th level, reroll two of the dice. At 8th level, reroll three.
Extra Tough – Increase your total recoveries by 1.
Tough as Iron (Champion) – Increase your total number of recoveries by 2.


I was created for one purpose, to ride dragons for the Dwarf King. I know only one path, service unquestioned. I have one use and one method. I do not have a dragon. My purpose can not be fulfilled. I was disposed of in the way that any useless weapon would be. I was thrown out with the trash. Made defective through lack of ability, I became a blunted sword which could not cut, one whose sharpening was too difficult and too treacherous to attempt. My king has no use for me, and so he discards me. There is hope that if I walk this world far enough, and long enough, that I might find the mount that was lost to me before I ever had it. With this alone might I regain purpose, in only this way may I show myself to be useful.

Cinder XIII

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