Bryn Mawr

Lorekeeper of Forge


Name: Bryn Mawr
Player: Kato
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Level: 5

STR: 15. Mod: 2. Mod+Lvl: 7.
CON: 15. Mod: 2. Mod+Lvl: 7.
DEX: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 5.
INT: 10. Mod: 0. Mod+Lvl: 5.
WIS: 19. Mod: 4. Mod+Lvl: 9.
CHA: 12. Mod: 1. Mod+Lvl: 6.

Hitpoints (max): 90
Initiative: 5
AC: 24 (Scale of Manaznox 2)
PD: 18
MD: 17
Resistances: 12
to attacks vs. MD and PD
Recoveries: 8
Die Size: 5d8+2

One Unique Thing: Knows the secret to unsealing the Dwarven Hall of Vengeance.

Icon Relationships:
Dwarf King – Positive (3)
Orc Lord – Negative (1)

Lore Keeper of Forge (9)
Healer (7)
Dwarven Treasure Hunter (6)
Cleric of the All-Father (6)

Scales of Manzanox 2 (Heavy Armor)
Ring of the Ram
[Chainmail Armor (Heavy)]
Hammer (5d6)
Axe (5d6)
Magic Hammer (
Symbol of the Lorekeepers
Standard Travelling Gear (Flint & Tinder, Money Pouch, Pack/Satchel, Rain Cloak, Rations, Waterskin)
Winter clothing.
Lorekeeper’s Book (Spells/Rituals)
Good Rope (50ft)
Torches (2)
Healing Potions (3), Belt of Potions
62sp 5cp

Domain: Healing
Domain: Lore
Domain: Leadership

Basic Melee Attack
Magic Hammer 1: 8 vs. AC, 5d65 on hit, 5 on miss.
Basic Ranged Attack
Axe: +5 vs. AC, 5d6 + 0 on hit.

Powers & Spells
Heal (2x/Battle) – Bonus Spell
Two 3rd Lvl, Four 5th Lvl
Cure Wounds (Daily) – 5th Lvl (Recharge 6+)
Shield of Faith – 3rd Lvl
Combat Boon (At-Will) – 5th Lvl, Champion Feat
Javelin of Faith (At-Will) – 5th Lvl
Spirits of the Righteous (1x/Battle) – 5th Lvl
Mighty Healing (Daily) – 3rd Lvl

Invocation of Healing (Daily)
Invocation of Lore (Daily)
Invocation of Leadership (Daily)

Knows Orkish

Racial Power
That’s Your Best Shot? – Champion Feat

Class Features
Ritual Magic
Bonus Spell: Heal

Domain: Leadership (Adventurer)
Heal (Adventurer)
Domain: Knowledge (Adventurer)
Javelin of Faith (Adventurer)
That’s Your Best Shot (Champion)
Combat Boon (Champion)

1. Hitpoints
2. Feat (Combat Boon)

Bryn mawr symatt


As a young child, Bryn Mawr was fascinated by the songs and tales recounting the history and exploits of his people. He would sits for hours in the great hall, listening to the ballads of great heroes, and the tales of the splendor of days past. Bryn’s love for history only amplified as he got older, but with age came the appreciation that these stories helped preserve the memories of his ancestors and were important for more than just entertainment. His curiosity and intense interest in the past eventually brought him to the attention of the Lorekeepers of Forge, a group to chronicling and keeping the history of the Dwarven People. He has been a full member of this group for many years now, and of late finds himself away from his home, travelling the greater world in search of knowledge and artifacts to add to his order’s body of knowledge and in support of the Dwarf King’s call to rejuvenate the kingdom and ensure its legacy.

Bryn is a dwarf of average height and build—which is to say strong and stout, if short, by human standards. His hair is a dark black, and well-kempt, with gray sneaking in at the temples. As with most of his kind, he sports a fine beard. Raised on stories of glorious warriors and the dwarven military tradition, Bryn dresses for battle when outside the confines of the Lorekeeper libraries: chainmail suit, a sturdy shield, and light hammer. His traveler’s cloak is fastened with a pin signifying his membership in the Lorekeepers. Bryn carries with him a well-worn tome filled with stories, songs, rituals, and other scraps of dwarven lore, as well as notes he takes during his journeys.

Bryn Mawr

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