Belgae Achren

The Purple Ranger


Name – Belgae Achren
Race – Wood Elf
Class – Ranger
Level – 1

Mod Mod+Lvl
STR 12 +1 2
CON 15 +2 3
DEX 18 +4 5 (initiative)
INT 10 0 1
WIS 12 +1 2
CHA 10 0 1

AC 17
PD 14
MC 11

HP 27/27
Recovery 8/8
Recovery roll 1d8


Melee +5 vs AC. D8 + 1. 1
Ranged +5 vs AC. D8 + 4. 1

One Unique Thing
Always wears purple armor due to a dream of a powerful archer in purple. May be more to dream than is known.

Icon Relationships
High Druid Positive 2
Lich King Negative 1

Twilight Slayer 4
Child of the Forest 4
Mercenary 2

Class Features

Once per battle reroll a miss with +2 to attack and +1 to crit

Favored Enemy – Undead
+2 crit

Lethal Hunter
Choose an enemy per battle and get a +2 crit against that enemy

Racial Power
Elven Grace
At the start of each of your turns, roll a die to see if you get an extra standard action. If your roll is equal to or lower than the escalation die, you get an extra standard action that turn.

Precise Shot
When your ranged attack targets an enemy who is engaged with an ally, you have no chance of hitting that ally


Belgae Achren is a tall and lanky wood elf with reddish brown hair and emerald green eyes. He is armored in leather that has been dyed a deep dark purple. He carries a longbow crafted by his father and a longsword that was captured a long time ago.

While still a young child, Belgae was drawn to the bows that his father was crafting prompting the elder Achren to craft a small bow for his child. Belgae would spend hours in the woods with the bow and come back with an assortment of small game. At times, he would get in trouble for following the adults out of camp and tracking them wherever their destinations would take him.

When he was 19, the village was attacked by a hoarde of undead. The village was well defended and very few lost their lives by the impact on Belgae was immediate and permanent. The unnaturalness of the creatures made his skin crawl. It was shortly after this attack that Belgae had a dream of an Archer dressed in a fine leather armor that had been dyed purple and from that moment on, everything Belgae wore, had to be dyed purple.

This dream also started Belgae’s thoughts to stray from the village and to the lands beyond. Places he had seen while he had followed others out into the land. So Belgae set off towards one of those cities to hire himself out as a merhant guide and scout. AS time passed, Belgae became known as an excellent scout and foe of the undead. A must hire if anyone, merchant or military, was traveling through land that held rumors of the uncanny walking the earth.

Belgae Achren

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