High Druid

The High Druid has a love-hate relationship with the Dragon Empire, though that leans more towards the hate end of the spectrum. The High Druid doesn’t want to see all civilization wiped from the map, but bitterly opposes how far it’s expanded (and continues to expand) as well as how it expands. A civilization that lives in tune with nature would be welcome, but it’s clear that the Dragon Empire will never be that. So the High Druid fights to limit the expansion of civilization and to reclaim areas for nature. She is frequently at odds with the other Icons, even the Elf Queen. The High Druid feels that the Elf Queen should be her staunchest ally, but the long alliance between the Elf Queen and the Emperor as well as the truce the Elf Queen has with the Dwarf King means that the Elf Queen has little interest in throwing her full support behind the High Druid. Deprived of the allies she believes she deserves among the Icons, the High Druid cultivates organizations and people more supporting of her cause and uses them to advance her cause. Companies of rangers, druidic circles, naturalists, tribes of barbarians, and more are under her banner and many of them work within the towns, cities, and farms of the Dragon Empire for her.





High Druid

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