Dead District

The Dead District is known, officially, as the Ashen Quarter. However, nobody except for government officials and residents in desperate denial of their situation call it that. The official name comes from the crematorium that was founded during an exceptionally ferocious problem with spontaneously risen zombies and skeletons. The ash spewed in the air turned the entire area a dingy grey that has never entirely gone away. The unofficial name comes from the idea that the Dead District is where hopes and dreams come to die. Though not the worst place to live in the city (that dubious honor goes to the Rat’s Nest below), the Dead District is a miserable slum full of violence, crime, and desperation.

The district is riddled with illegal brothels, shady shops full of what are probably stolen goods, muggers and thieves, gambling halls, and drug dens. The poor who are trying to make an honest living are generally confined to backbreaking labor for low pay in other parts of the city. Despite the dirt, grime, and danger the Dead District has a strange allure for some of the wealthier citizens who come to this area to whore, drink, and gamble where polite society can’t see them. This is one of the few things that keeps the district from being even worse than it is, because even the criminals know that if too many young and stupid nobles or arrogant merchants get robbed or killed (as opposed to cheated at gambling and charged too much for services) the entire supply of money coming in will dry up.

Other Places

  • Round Duchess Tavern – A rank and disgusting dive bar where the lower ranked members of the Fire Wasps get their orders or meet higher ups. The party went here in search of the Fire Wasp hideout and caused what would be a riot in any other bar, but was mostly just a regular night (with a slightly higher body count) for the Round Duchess.

Dead District

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