Campaign of the Month: March 2013

Forgotten Sagas of the 13th Age

Session 18: The Unblinking Eye
New players, new characters, typical technical issues

Session 18

Session 17: Running Down Ravenwood
A Reckoning with The Blackstaff

Session 17

Session 16: Speed Combat Fun Time
Administrative Monkeying And Delicious Enemies

Session 16

Session 14 - Mirrors and Madmen

Session 14

Session 13: Fun & Games In The Ravenwood Estate
Explosive door greeters, hanged men, and mirrors

Session 13

Session 12: Who and What is The Blackstaff
Finally getting to the heart of the matter

Session 12

Session 10: On The Hunt
Handsome Jack, grabass parades, and thralls

I (the GM) was a bit grumpy for this due to ongoing technical problems, so it’s admittedly not my best session. Fair warning.

Session 10

Session 09: Into The Mouth Of Madness
Nobody Expects The Adventuring Inquisitives!

Session 09


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